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what we do?
Working Silhouettes

Consultancies & Advices

UMBAJA provides information, advices and consultancies to Migrants and Refugees which help and support them to implement and establish projects, businesses and companies through support in project design and corporate development, assisting in creating business plans, Advising on credit issues and grant applications, facilitating contacts with cooperation partners. 


Events Organizing

UMBAJA organizes a wide range of periodical and non-periodical events and actions based on its mission. These include (but not limited to): Conferences, Workshops, educational trips, Concerts and operational and services Projects.



UMBAJA conducts a series of actions and tasks to mobilize newcomers and the whole society in favor of its Vision by questioning the way policy is administered, targeting political systems, including and engaging more actors, Propose policy solutions, opening up spaces for public dialogue and exchange and mobilizing the public.


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