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Symphony of the Barricades

In December 2018, a revolution exploded in Sudan, and young revolutionaries showed a strong resistance in all phases of this revolution. They were so creative through cultural and artistic work and through different ways they have articulated a peaceful resistance which lasted for Months.


The revolution succeeded in eliminating the dictator Al Bashir out from power on the 11 of April 2019, Al-Bashir is ruling Sudan since 1989 and he is a criminal wanted by the international criminal court (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and Genocide. During the Sudanese revolution women are the icons of it, they led demonstrations, confronted horrible and brutal soldiers, chanted, sang, drew, shot photographs, and mobilized the country to obligate the dictator to surrender and to leave Office. 


During that revolution, peaceful protestors have used many methods and tactics to protect themselves from the brutal attacks from the dictator’s security forces. One of these tactics is to block the streets of the capital Khartoum with a series of “Barricades” so that it will be so difficult for the security forces to use vehicles or cars and that will make their task harm the protestors so difficult. Many of the protestors were killed while they were protecting these Barricades and while they were trying to stop the security forces from removing these Barricades and to reach the bigger mass of protestors. 


These Heroes of “The Barricades”, in full courage, lost their lives to protect other peaceful protestors. They gave their blood and lives for freedom, peace, and justice.   



“The Barricades Symphony” is an Orchestra brings together Musicians from Sudan/South Sudan, to play Sudanese and international music pieces from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in order to commemorate:


  • Those who lost their lives on “The Barricades” during Sudanese Revolution in       June 2019.


  • All those who lost their lives during the Sudanese Revolution in the period from December 2018 to June 2019.


  • Those who are victims of Dictatorships in Sudan in periods “1958 – 1964”, “1969 – 1985” and “1989 – 2019”.


  • All those who lost their lives in the 19th century during the Sudanese Mahdia revolution against colonialism


For more information about "The Barricades" please write us: umbaja@umbaja.org