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Learn to Change Academy 2022




Why Learn to Change Academy?

Learn to Change Academy (L2CA) is an advanced and sustained transformative education training program for adults in various topics related to Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. 

The academy is operated by UMBAJA e.V sponsored by the Association of Educational Initiatives of Lower Saxony VNB e.V. 

L2CA academy enables the participants to gain important information, knowledge, networks and methods that make them act as educational multipliers in democracy and sustainability, civil rights, political education and all related topics in their local and grass-roots communities.


Here you will find very important 

information about Learn to Change Academy


Know more about a well-designed, modern and unique Curriculum



Get to know our trainers, they are pioneers in Learning for Change

Our reference books are changing the world through education 


We practicise learning by a series of learning tours and visits


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