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What is the Learn to Change Academy (L2CA)?


Learn to Change Academy (L2CA) is an advanced and sustained community-leadership training program in Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. It aims to qualify the participants and enable them to lead the change process among their local and grass-roots communities as multipliers by investing the knowledge and information that they gain through understanding the interactions and interrelations  between Democracy, Economy and Sustainability.

Learn to Change Academy is targeting activists and communities leaders inside thier home-country and in the diaspora,  it is open for all ages, genders and education levels without any partiality.


How long does the training in L2CA last?


Learn to Change Academy lasts for 8 months, starts on Saturday the October 1st, 2022 and ends on Wednesday the May 31st, 2023. 


What does the training of L2CA include?


Learn to Change Academy includes: 

  • German Language courses

  • Lectures and Workshops in topics related to Democracy, Economy and Sustainability.

  • Educational tours and field visits

  • Participation in conferences (optional)


Where will the lectures and workshops be held?


Learn to Change Academy lectures and workshops will be held in:


1. Kulturzentrum Pavillon

Lister Meile 4

30161 Hannover



2. Cameo Kollektiv e. V

Leinstraße 16

30159 Hannover 



What are the topics and fields of the Curriculum of L2CA?

Learn to Change Academy provides training in the following topics and fields: 

  • The concept of Learn to Change

  • Global Learning

  • Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability

  • Climate and Energy

  • Colonialism and Education

  • Prejudice, Stereotypes and Racism

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Environment, Resources, Poverty and Global Wealth

  • Human/Child Rights, Democracy and Peace


How many weekly training working hours are scheduled in L2CA?

  • Monday:  10 am  - 2 pm

  • Wednesday: 1 pm - 5 pm

  • Friday: 10 am  - 2 pm

  • Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm


What is the training language in L2CA?

Learn to Change Academy will be in English and Arabic with translation facility to other languages. 


How much money does it cost to participate in L2CA?

The participation in L2CA is free of charge.


I would like to join L2CA 2022. What should I do? 

Simply, you can fill the application form here and submit it to us, and we will inform you within 2 weeks whether it is possible to join us this year or not.

We will send  invitation letters to the selected participants in L2CA 2022.


For more information, Contact: 

Learn to Change Academy L2CA


c/o Kulturzentrum Pavillon

Lister Meile 4

30161 Hannover 


Tel: +49- 17676755246  

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