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History & Board

Our History


We are the witnesses of human rights violations, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide that were committed by the dictator Omar Al Bashir in Sudan. We fought against him and, proudly we ousted him in a great revolution.


We are the witnesses of the story of refugees in Europe and around the world. 

On May 24, 2014, with other supporters, we established the Refugees Protest Camp in Hanover as a political action and movement in order to publicise about the catastrophic situation in Sudan as well as to publicise about the situation of refugees in Germany.


After more than one year, On July 28, 2015, we developed a new long-term strategy, by establishing UMBAJA e. V. as a nongovernmental organisation in order to continue our struggle.


The board

UMBAJA has a board consists of five Persons, these are: 
Maissara Saeed, Chief Executive Officer

Yassir Abdallah, Chief Executive Officer
Mauda Yousif, Chief Executive Officer
Manar Mohammed, board member
Walid Ibrahim Adam, board member

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