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SOLIDAN is an international public campaign to endorse, support, and consolidate the democratic transformation in Sudan.

The campaign aims to advocate the participation of women and youth in national decision-making, provide support to the Sudanese people in order to build democracy, promote the values of dialogue and tolerance, contribute to achieving justice and reconstruction, and to mobilise all Sudanese in the diaspora for democracy, peace-building and development in Sudan.

SOLIDAN campaign has been originated, designed, and facilitated by a group of non-governmental organisations in Hanover city northern Germany, aiming to create an international momentum to show solidarity with the people of Sudan.

The campaign will last for 5 years and with the kick-off on January 1st, 2021 SOLIDAN appeals to all free societies, including the Sudanese in the diaspora, to take responsibility towards the democracy-building in Sudan by showing a continuous enthusiastic endorsement to the campaign.

For more information about SOLIDAN campaign please visit its website at

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