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Hanover Declaration 2016



We, the participants in UMBAJA Congress which is held in Hannover, Germany in the period between 11 to 13 November 2016, envision a different future in which we share responsibilities with others individuals, NGOs, Institutions and local communities in Europe to push forward the processes of integration, cultural exchange and building of true inter/multicultural societies in Europe.


We are committed to organizing our communities at our areas and cities, in a way that gives individuals among these communities better self-confidence which is needed for better integration, and for better understanding that, the integration is not only socially, but also politically and economically, our activism can be a source of enrichment of these societies.


To fulfill the above-mentioned commitments, we call for honesty, openness, and transparency.


We, the participants in UMBAJA Tagung 2016, together with our partners, friends, and co-workers will collaborate in:


  • Devising and promoting programs and projects in order to increase awareness about the importance of self-organization, social engagement, and interaction with civilian society. We call for giving the education of the languages special concern.


  • Developing and guiding a constructive dialogue with all NGOs, institutions, and officials concerned with issues of integration and cultural exchange.


  • Establishing procedures for flowing of information dealing with the issue of self-organization.


  • Building networks of UMBAJA representatives Worldwide basis.


  • Defining best practices in dealing with the integration economically and promoting those practices throughout Europe and the world.


  • Promote women's rights and empowerment in our communities.


In honor of all those who are voiceless, we are a powerful voice. This is our pledge for partnership and cooperation.



November 13, 2016, Hannover

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