Blue Skies

Round Table: Blue for Sudan

The Round table: Blue for Sudan was a discussion on Situation in Sudan, and how can Sudanese community in Germany works together with the German civil society to contribute in development and peace building in Sudan in the upcoming years. It was held on the 23rd of August 2019 in Pavillon Cultural Center in Hannover.


10 Persons from different political, social and Academic backgrounds have participated in that Round Table on the Situation in Sudan. 

Notable participant guest


UMBAJA e. V has been honored and pleased by the participation of Herr Krause, Chairman of the Green in Region Hannover, in the Round table on the situation in Sudan. Many thanks and appreciation to him. UMBAJA e. V is looking forward to continuous cooperation with Herr Krause in a constructive way.


Issues, topics, and speakers


Asmaa Abdalhay, an Animal Production Specialist talked about an idea of the mixed Farming project in White Nile State in Sudan, followed by Dr. Tag Mohamed who is an Orthopedist, he talked about the big differences between the international standards of the emergency room in Hospital and the situation of the emergency rooms in the Hospitals in Sudan. Then Dr. Yassin Elfaki has talked about the need of Sudanese Medical and Health sector for more opportunities in education and training inside Sudan and abroad, in particular, Germany.  

Finally, Saeed Maissara, chairman of UMBAJA e. V informed the Round table about cities Twining in Hannover, and the methodology of twinning between two different cities, districts, institutions, etc, as a tool for cultural exchange and development. 

All these topics and issues have been discussed openly from the participants. 

Additionally, the participants discussed the importance of working the Environmental sector and how can it be developed, particularly in the field of data collection and statistics on environmental issues.

Projects Ideas


Many Projects Ideas have been raised from the keynote Speeches and discussions among participants, here are ideas of proposing projects in both, the short and long run, for example:

  • Medical & Health Services: Providing Equipment to Hospitals

  • Environment: Providing Devices to detect, Ex. Pollution, Radiation, etc.

  • Training & Education: communication, networking and mobilizing Sudanese Students in Germany.

  • Agriculture & Livestock: mixed Farming in White Nile State in Sudan

  • German - Sudanese Twining: Minors form of twinning between (schools, NGOs, cultural centers, etc.)




Follow up meetings and discussions during and in the upcoming 3 months about the projects developing and implementation in the future. 

Formulation of a clear answer to the question: What do we want to achieve?


Thanks, and appreciation


UMBAJA e. V deeply thanks the participants and the speakers for their participation and contributions and it appreciates their opinions and knowledge wich enriched the round table on the situation in Sudan. And the Organization is looking forward to a continuous dialogue with the participants about the topic.