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Women first


Gender inequality is severely harmed, and it is still harming our society. We could notice how the Dictatorship was putting huge pressure on women, that is why, many women, and also men, are convinced that: freedom is dangerous and not secure, and it will destroy the inner peace of the individuals and it will corrupt our social norms. And they feed this to our children to ensure the lasting of this idea in our societal mindset. But the most extremely dangerous is the fact that: many of politicians, activists, and youth who are fighting for change and freedom in Sudan are facing psychological and mental difficulties in understanding the necessity of gender equality concerning our national security, productivity, and peace. UMBAJA e. V puts “Women first” at the top of its priorities.



Poverty reduction


The world bank says: More than 40% of Sudanese are poor. We say: More than 80% of Sudanese are poor. We are aware of the relationship between social justice and poverty. So, poverty reduction among communities will take the heart of our strategy. Because the good economy leads to more sense of freedom and it will make target groups and communities in a better position to address the challenges that had been made by the long years of captivity.




Shari Arison, who is an Israeli Businesswoman, said: "Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels"

We are looking forward to achieving a realistic, successful, and big change throughout our activism with the target groups and partners. Therefore we will keep the balance between social, economic and environmental factors as well as the balance and the harmony between the local and global needs. And the only way to realise that is the way of sustainable procedures and actions.


Learn from African democracy


In Africa, there are about ten democratic states and it will be realistic and of value to learn lessons from these democratic models in Africa. And this is very important for us because one of the most important lies and propaganda which is widely spread in our communities is that: "democracy and freedom are white Western European products and they do not fit with our countries". As well as many of us recall the colonial European history in Africa to mobilise ourselves emotionally against democratic values. In all steps of the implementation of different projects, we will give ourselves the opportunities to interact and to exchange and learn from people and governments of these African democratic states. In particular, the following are the most stable democracies states in Africa:

Mauritius, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Benin, Lesotho, Senegal, Tanzania, and Sierra Leon



Working with the grassroots communities


One of the major problems in our civic and political movement, particularly in Africa of today politics, is that: the only voice which can be heard in decision making is the voice of the elite and people of power and wealth, and as a result, many people at the grassroots communities had been excluded from shaping their future and participating in the reformation of their countries. Our Strategy will and should put the grassroots communities at the heart of its policy.



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