Why we are poor?

We have to talk about it, right?


About 50 participants took part, during 3 days in UMBAJA economic forum 2017, a number of delegates were from the Netherlands. The Forum has raised the question: why we are poor?

The forum had been held in Pavillon cultural center in Hannover in lister meile 4, 30161 Hannover, in the period from Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th of August 2017.

At the beginning of the forum UMBAJA e. V introduced its view and position on the effect of social injustice on refugees and migrants communities in Germany and whole Europe, and to what degree is so important for these communities to think critically again and again about this question: why we are poor? because poverty is a man-made product, so these communities should stand up, and they should increase political awareness in order to be able to eradicate poverty.

Mr. Florian G. Rawan who is a Scientist in the Institute for Vocational and Adult Education, Hannover University. He has introduced his paper: Poverty in a rich country? Perspectives of poverty, in which he highlighted the definitions and statistics related to the topic, Poverty as a lack of opportunities for achievement (Capability Approach), The poverty different categories & Asylum and what can we do to eradicate poverty. UMBAJA thanks very much scientist Florian G. Rawan for his generous and important contribution.

In a long day, Saturday the 5th of August, The forum started by women voices. Mrs. Taqwa Ahmed, a Sudanese activist from the Netherlands described how social and political discrimination against Sudanese women affects the whole life in Sudan and weakened the peacebuilding and development. She gave many examples, cases, and statistics. Her paper, (Sudanese women: the challenges and obstacles to peace and development), also described some local economic activities of women at a grassroots level in Sudan.

Mrs. Adwaa Elhussain, who is a Sudanese activist in Germany introduced a historical panorama about how women fought to defend their rights in Sudan, and she gave her recommendations on how can women go on in this fight in Germany and in Sudan as well.

The rest of the day, we held two workshops discussing the same topic: why we are poor? and how can we change and eradicate this situation? Participants mentioned tens of reasons and factors on answering the question and described clear and concrete proposals and ideas on how to change this unhappy situation. The discussion and the contributions were very deep, critical and promising.

At the evening and after having dinner, we attendpremiere of the film (a black day at Weißekreuzplatz) by Abbas Yassin who documented how the police and city administration in Hannover ended the refugee protest camp in Hannover year ago, the show had been attended by more than 100 of audiences.

UMBAJA economic forum held its closing session on the 6th. of August, on this session the participants came to a conclusion and decisions on the next practical steps that should be taken in order to bring all recommendations of the forum on the reality ground.

We in UMBAJA e.V thank very much Pavillon cultural center which hosts our economic forum 2017 and as usual Pavillon supporting most our activities without any hesitation.

Our thanks and respect to:

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Scheiwe and Dr. Andreas Oehme, from Institut für Sozial- und Organisationspädagogik, Universität Hildesheim.

Marcus Munzlinger, from the department of Gesellschaft & Politik, Pavillon cultural Center.

Mrs. Janika Millan, from German Sudanese Association for development, Hildesheim (G.S.A.D).

Mrs. Silke Merzhäuser, Theater Werkgruppe2, Hannover.

And our thanks and appreciation to all persons who supported UMBAJA economic forum 2017.

Thanks and appreciation to all UMBAJA e. V members and followers who did their best to have a successful forum.




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