UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM brings together NGOs, academics, officials, companies, and individuals to discuss and exchange knowledge, views and information on economy and sustainable development. 

The forum is exploring and investigating the interaction between building democracy, economy and sustainability , and parallelising it with the situation in Sudan, by dissectioning the Sudanese revolution and the ongoing democratization efforts there.

Following the Sudanese revolution, it was recognised that the economy has been used as an important tool to stop the train of democracy building in Sudan.

Neighboring countries to Sudan, countries in the Middle East and countries at international levels are using their economic supremacy against the will of the people of Sudan which is calling strongly and magnificently for freedom and democracy during its continuous revolution. So, a very important lesson that revolutionaries have learned during the last 3 years is that, people everywhere should think again about their economy as an important tool for their democracy building as well as an important tool for their sustained democratic system. 

The awareness about the relationship and the interaction between building democracy, economy and sustainability critically should be investigated, explored, understood and promoted.

About UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 It is good to know: 



General Goals

  • Increasing awareness and launching a continuous dialogue between German and Sudanese on Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. 

  • Improving the quality and quantity of public relationship between German and Sudanese civil societies. 

  • Exploring the available opportunities for building a sustained and responsible economy in Sudan in partnership with the horizontal and vertical Germany. 

  • Cleaning the polluted atmosphere between Germany and Sudan which was caused by the former governments. 

  • Unifying the German and Sudanese public opinion on the future of the relationship between the two peoples.   


Specific Goals

  • Attracting decision makers in Germany to contribute effectively in supporting Sudan, in particular, in supporting NGOs and businesses in the private sector. 

  • Awakening Sudanese diaspora in Germany in order to improve the civic engagement in Germany in fields of Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. 

  • Motivating the German decision makers to work closely with Sudanese diaspora and the grass-roots communities inside Sudan. 

  • Studying the possibilities of building a sustained network of stakeholders, actors and beneficiaries in Germany and Sudan on the topic: Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. 

Date and Time

UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 starts at 5 pm on Friday 23rd and ends at 3 pm on Sunday 25th of September 2022. 


UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM will be held in the (Great Hall) at cultural center Pavillon 

Lister Meile 4

30161 Hannover


The working language of the UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM is English.


Participation in UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 is open for all and for free. Nevertheless, registration is preferred, please, if you would like to attend the forum, send a registration message to the E Mail: umbaja@umbaja.org, or you can fill the form of registration click here. 


In Umbaja Economic Forum 2022 we work hard to introduce to our guests a pleasurable, hospitable, healthy and delicious Sudanese Buffet. Whether our guest is omnivore, vegetarian or vegan he/she will find us at his/her disposal.

Covid 19 regulations

As UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM is held at cultural center Pavillon, the center covid 19 regulations will be in effect during our forum. We hope the situation will change by the time the conference takes place.

So please we ask our guests to wear an FFP2/KN95 mask in the cultural center  Pavillon. 

You can use google translator to read all regulations in German language  here