Memberships & Affiliations 

UMBAJA succeeded to win a good network of individuals and organizations qualitatively and quantitatively. Wonderful, highly competent experienced figures in Hannover put their own capabilities and qualities at the organization's disposal.
UMBAJA e. V. is a member of different Organisations and Networks, at a variety of fields and levels.

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Pavillon is one of the largest cultural institutions in Hannover and is one of the oldest socio-cultural centers in Germany. It is an offer to participate in all culturally, socially, and politically interested people in Hannover city and its region. Pavillon Culture Center is the place where UMBAJA held the majority of its events, workshops, and Conferences. As well as it is the official office of the Organization.


Cameo Kollektiv e. V is a non-profit organization, it conducts socio-cultural projects, events, and workshops. A big part of its work is the multimedia awareness of the public for intercultural, diversity, and democracy. Cameo as an Organization executes projects for an open, diverse, and equal society.


Amfn is a nationwide umbrella organization of 51 migrant organizations and associations from numerous cities in Lower Saxony. As a NGO,  amfn is non-partisan and denominationally independent and promote cultural diversity in society. amfn e.V. sees itself as representing the interests of its member associations and persons with a migration background who live in Lower Saxony and represents them at the state and federal level.


Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen (VEN) is an independent network of development NGOs, initiatives founded in 1991. The focus of its diverse work is the development of education and public relations work, with which it is committed to sustainable development at global responsibility. As a lobby Network, it gets involved in the development policy discussions in Lower Saxony and nationwide.


Learn to Change is a Global Network of Educational Activists. It connects civil society activists from all over the world who believe that global exchange, mutual learning, and educational cooperation contribute to an ecologically sound and globally just transformation. It raises important questions : How do we want to live today and in the future? Which global and local challenges are we actually facing? And what role does education for a societal transformation play?

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