DOMAHAN international program (DIP) is an international development program aims to evolve disadvantaged communities and societies. It is a program which committed to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), by adopting practical and creative ideas to implement investments and trade projects that adhere to the principles of the United Nations global compact.


DOMAHAN international program (DIP) promotes investment & trade on the basis of social and ecological responsibility through its philosophy and principles. 


DOMAHAN international program (DIP) encourages young business starters through a globally oriented, innovative and fair partnership.


What are the types of activities in DOMAHAN international Program (DIP)?

  • EDUCATIONAL: Courses, Seminars, and workshops in socially and ecologically responsible business and related topics


  • ORGANISATIONAL: Active Networks and partnerships for fair, responsible business


  • OPERATIONAL: Helo Start-Up in Investments and trade projects which are committed to our philosophy and principles.


  • PROMOTIONAL: Campaigns, exhibitions and events on responsible business.


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